Whether our client is an experienced professional, an executive, a seasoned manager, a re-entry individual looking to get back into the workforce after a career break, an entry-level candidate or a student exploring the many career options available, we have the tools to give our clients an advantage. Contact to discuss your needs and pricing or call (203) 564-9233.


Maybe you are looking for a fresh, new start somewhere else in the industry. Or maybe you have a completely different career path in mind. Career University assists professionals of ALL levels with:

  • Resume writing or editing
  • Cover letters, thank you emails, LinkedIn profiles
  • Social media etiquette
  • Networking and branding
  • Interview coaching and guidance
  • Application and follow-up tips
  • On-the-job advice for becoming a top performer



Are you looking to return to work after a career break? Taking care of children, a parent or some time away for other personal or professional reasons. Career University can assist with any of your job search needs:

  • Resume writing with a focus on re-entry resumes
  • LinkedIn profiles and how to use the site for networking and job search
  • Cover letters, thank you emails, follow-up guidance
  • General job skill training – Google Apps, Microsoft Applications, Social Media, Skype, Slack and more!
  • Companies and search techniques to find re-internships, flexible work arrangements, etc.
  • Interview training with messaging on your career break
  • On-the-job advice for your first 90 days back at work


Securing a job out of college is challenging – especially the job of your dreams. The competition is tough and the recruiting process is overwhelming. Career University can help you organize your job search in a variety of ways. We provide our standard service of resume and interview feedback, but we also provide insight into the corporate recruiting process and effectively networking your way to an interview. Career University assists college students with:

  • Resume writing or editing
  • Building a professional brand
  • Guidance on navigating the corporate recruiting seasons for internships & full-time opportunities
  • Effective networking
  • Social media etiquette
  • Interview coaching and guidance
  • Application and follow-up tips
  • Tips for performing on the job for internships & full-time opportunities


As a high school student, you may be focused on the SATs, what colleges you’ll apply to or all the places you’ll go once you get your drivers license. Preparing earlier will give a student an advantage. Companies are targeting students at a younger age in order to secure the top talent coming out of each school. Career University can guide you through the career exploration process as it relates to selecting a major in college, starting your own professional brand, particularly through social media, and joining the right activities in high school and college. Career University assists high school students with:

  • Career exploration guidance
  • Professional branding
  • Resume writing
  • Social media etiquette
  • Guidance on how to get off to a positive start in college