Quick Revisions For a Modern Resume

Quick Revisions For a Modern Resume

Whether you are creating your resume for the first time or dusting off an old copy that hasn’t been updated in 5 or more years, times change and so do resumes. Here are some quick tips to help ensure your resume is 2016/2017 ready.

  • Contact Information: Your name, phone number and email are all still critical for your resume. Home phone lines are no longer necessary and can be cumbersome if a family member answers while a recruiter or hiring manager is trying to get in touch with you. My advice is to leave home lines off your resume. Secondly, if you don’t feel comfortable adding your full address to your resume, the truth is that you don’t have to include it. Your City/State will suffice. Better yet, why don’t you add a link to your LinkedIn page (make sure to customize the link!).


  • Skills: The skills section is a great way to highlight systems, software, computer language skills or fluency skills you may have. “Internet Explorer” and “Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint and Excel” should not be on this list. You are required and expected to know how to use all of these. Save the space and highlight any vendor systems you have worked with or special skills you may have to set yourself apart from the competition.


  • References: If the employer needs a reference, they will ask you for one. Actual reference names, contact numbers, emails and, more importantly, “References Available Upon Request” are not needed. Save yourself the space and highlight a big accomplishment instead.


  • LinkedIn: Aside from including a hyperlink on your resume to your LinkedIn profile, make sure you have a robust LinkedIn profile to match your resume. It is the most powerful professional networking and recruiting tool available now. If you are not on LinkedIn and active on it, you may be missing some great opportunities. So when you are updating your resume, make sure you are doing the same to your LinkedIn profile.


If you need help updating or creating your resume and building out your LinkedIn profile, contact us at info@careeruniv.com or (203) 564-9233 for assistance!

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