Twitter – Because Why Not?

Twitter – Because Why Not?

If I had a nickel for every time someone told me they weren’t on Twitter, I would have. . .  A LOT of nickels. How are people not on Twitter nowadays? If you aren’t on Twitter, why not? It’s easier than Facebook and even Instagram. You don’t have to wait for pictures to load. You don’t have to scroll through newsfeeds of a video that a friend from high school liked of a dog that can say “I love you”. Twitter has the most recent news in the most condensed format. Who doesn’t love that? If you are a skimmer like me, Twitter is a match for you.


I would say that I’m relatively new to Twitter, less than a year on it, so I’m no “Twitter expert”. But I go to it now for a wealth of information: career development articles and quick tips, recent news and announcements, weather updates, celebrity gossip, recipes, everything! The beauty of it is that you can follow the companies, people and groups that interest you. The information is more dynamic, instant and educational than following the same organizations or people on Facebook. During Hurricane Sandy two years ago, my friend was able to get power updates instantly from our town on Twitter. And who doesn’t want to miss all the insightful things Amanda Bynes, Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber have to share? Only teasing.


From a recruiting perspective, Twitter can help you in so many ways. You can follow career professionals (like Career University!) to get quick tips or links to articles for information on writing resumes, interviewing, career advancement, social media branding and more. In your job search, you can follow the companies you are interested in working for and, more importantly, follow their career handles to find out about new or hot jobs. You can also engage with recruiters, who will post about their searches on Twitter. Engaging with them shows you have a strong interest in the company or opportunity.


So if you aren’t on Twitter, did I provide you with a little nudge to create a profile? It will take less than 5 minutes – download the app, create a profile, link it to your Facebook account, have it search your contacts to start following some friends and start searching for individuals or institutions that interest you. Then start scrolling and start engaging! Most importantly, when you join or if you are already on, follow @career_univ!

 Happy Tweeting!


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